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Eleventh in a series of twelve albums recorded and released every month for twelve months.

So I've been listening to a lot of Krautrock lately. One could argue that I haven't been paying much attention, but still, I listened. Especially to Neu! and pre-"Autobahn" era Kraftwerk and the single Organisation LP.

I'd like to think that the influence of all of this German-ness has shown in our work at least a little since the start of the new year, with the move towards more organic performances and instrumentation. And if it hasn't yet hopefully it will with this release.

Since this whole project began I've also kind of wanted to do some kind of drumming record too. And then add in the fact that in addition to all the Krautrock I've also spent the last couple weeks greedily consuming a massive amount of Black Metal and hopefully this whole project is starting to make a bit more sense.

Indeed, "true/true/false" is the Krautrock-New Age-Batucada Funk, Black Metal album that I never quite intended to make. And while it's not really as "done" as I'd like it to be, actually finishing these records is not exactly in the spirit of the project, now is it?

Oh and it's our first trio record too, thanks to Ray, who swung by and laid down some throbbing basslines in an hour or two without ever really hearing the songs before hand. Thanks also, again, to Dustin E. (from for making a couple of insane oscillators for me that are responsible for much color and mayhem throughout.


booking, etc.:

Dedicated to the amazing and inspiring Phoebe Buguey. I'd propose to her if we weren't already married.


released April 24, 2012

Aidan O'Flynn: Electric Viola

Raymond Ruiz: Electric Bass Guitar

Jacob Thomas: Electric Guitar, MicroKorg XL, Monotron, assorted handmade oscillators, Thumping Double Squaresnakes, Secret Destroyer, djembe, darbuka, tambourine, maracas, cowbell, wedding bells, claves, cardboard box, vocals, drum machine, sequencer, pocket mp3 recorder, 4-track, outboard effects, digital manipulation, cover design (photographer unknown, but probably one of my parents)

Shovel-Nose (late)-Cover model



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